Cook Canadian

Want to cook and shop like a Canadian? We have compiled a long list of well tested, delicious recipes from all across Canada that will help you create that perfect menu.

Sweet Endings

Summer Strawberry Pavlova

A Strawberry Pavlova is one of summer’s great desserts! Crisp and snowy on the outside and marshmallow-like on the inside, the topping is lightly sweetened whipped cream and fresh local strawberries. Because the berries are left whole and unsweetened, the flavours are the purest you’ll ever taste, layered with cream and soft meringue. When it […]

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Glencoe Mills Oatcakes

Try these oatcakes from Cape Breton…they are fabulous with good Canadian cheese.

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Maple Pouding Chomeur

Maple sugar-making was an important social activity for the indigenous peoples. Families and small groups gathered in temporary camps in early March, staying for about a month in order to make their yearly supply. Diagonal cuts were made in the base of the sugar maple trees (Acer saccharum) with an axe and the sap that […]

The Ultimate Chocolate Brownies

Great brownies depend upon wonderful ingredients. High quality chocolate, sweet butter, lots of vanilla and tons of love.

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Apple & Cider Cobbler

Cheddar cheese and apple pie is a classic combination.  This recipe takes it to new heights by adding Canadian cheddar cheese into the biscuit topping of the cobbler and it can be baked all year round.  Fresh apples and cider from Canada are available even in the late spring and early summer because of the […]

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Bacon Fat Caramels

A candy thermometer is absolutely essential for this recipe.  They’re inexpensive and a terrific tool for any serious kitchen. 1 cup whipping cream (35%) 5 tbsp smoked bacon fat (which is about the amount rendered by cooking one pound of bacon in the oven, on a rack or in a pan) 1 tsp salt 1 […]

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The Art & Science of Homemade Ice Cream

Summertime and Ice Cream together so we thought it’d be fun to let readers learn from the master ice cream maker himself.  But first a little background. Dairy Processing Education at the Ontario Agricultural College, University of Guelph, has been part of our mandate for nearly 140 years. The Department of Food Science is proud […]

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Battery Park Stout Cake

This great cake comes from the kitchens of Dartmouth’s  Battery Park where they brew one of the main ingredients…stout!   1/2 cup (125ml) local stout (dark ale)* 1/2 cup (125ml) unsalted butter 1/3 cup (80ml) cocoa powder 1 cup (250ml) all-purpose flour 1 cup (250ml) white sugar 1 tsp (5ml) baking soda 1/2 tsp (3ml) salt […]

Wildflower Honey Fudge

I was inspired to dig out this old recipe by a jar of honey from the Ontario Agricultural College’s (OAC) Bee Lab in Guelph.  Otherwise known as The Townsend House, it is the oldest school for apiarists in North America.  Wildflowers from strategically placed hives all over the Province are harvested by the University’s bees and […]

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THE Classic Icewine Martini

Icewine has been synonymous with Canada since Donald Ziraldo, a University of Guelph graduate (and football quarterback), and his late business partner Karl Kaiser won the Grand Prix d’Honneur, Canada’s first international wine medal, at Vinexpo in Bordeaux, in 1991 with their 1989 Vidal Icewine.   Teaming up with a newer Niagara entrepreneur, Geoff Dillon of […]

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Easy Canola Pastry

This is a new technique to many where the dough is crumbly and then simply patted into the pie shell. It’s easy enough for a kid to make and a lot less messy than most. The small amount of sugar and milk helps the pastry brown. We made an apple & black raspberry crumble pie […]

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Our Family Christmas Cake

This light fruit cake recipe has been in our family for decades. Every year, a month or so before Christmas, my mother made it perfectly till the time, about 12 years ago, that she decided the kitchen was no longer her friend. So one autumn we gave her a stool beside the counter and asked […]