The Wooly Pub, Guelph, Ontario

The Wooly, Woolwich Arrow Pub, Woolwich Arms, Local food Guelph, Borealis,Canadian cuisine, canada food, traditional canadian food, canada recipeUntil recently the word ‘local’ meant a pub where beer drinkers gathered to quaff frosty (or sometimes room temp) beverages and solve the problems of the world.  In Guelph, Local = The Woolwich Arms, a pub/restaurant located in a 115 year old, beautifully restored Victorian home. Known far and wide as the ‘Wooly’, the pub has been selling locally crafted beers and foods since 1990. The Wooly is a city landmark and it was here that owner/publican, Bob Desautels, decided to extend the notion of local to food.  He created and trademarked the Taste of Ontario brand and applied it to the menu, sourcing ingredients from suppliers as distinct as the organic Ignatius Farm, the CSA operated on the grounds of what was a Jesuit seminary.

Over the years the pub has garnered rave reviews. In 2001 New York based Saveur magazine included the Woolwich Arrow in its top 100 places to visit around the world (making it just one of two spots listed in Canada!). The Toronto Star wrote: “It treats its lagers and ales with more care and attention than virtually any other bar in the province, and it shows in the glass,”. The local newspapers have repeatedly listed the pub as #1 in the city. Recently it was chosen the ‘friendliest’ restaurant in Guelph by the readers of the Guelph Mercury.

The other restaurants, Borealis Guelph and Borealis Kitchener, Miijidaa, and the Park Eatery in the Neighbourhood Group are all celebrating Food Day Canada.


Contact The Wooly Pub at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez The Wooly Pub directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.


The Woolwich Arrow Pub
176 Woolwich Street
Ontario N1H 3V5
T: 519 836 2875


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