2 Doors Down, Halifax

Two Doors Down Gaspereau MuscatLeave it to Craig Flinn, the popular former Chef/Owner of Chives Canadian Bistro to deal with a problem by opening another restaurant.  

2 Doors Down is Craig’s response.“We don’t want the slightest pretence in the space,” Flinn said. “It’s to be a come-as-you-are neighbourhood restaurant with no reservations.”

Ian Clarke took over as CDC of 2 Doors Down recently, but spent 2 years as sous chef before that and actually started his career as a Chives apprentice before living in Scotland for 7 years running kitchens over there. He is working closely with Craig to grow the 2DD brand with some unique new dishes while maintaining the classics. 

The menu, boldly titled “local pocket-friendly FRESH Made ∙With∙ Love”,  reads beautifully with Maritime ingredients front and centre.  He grinds the PEI beef in house from a variety of flavourful cuts (chuck, brisket and short rib) for his ‘Old School Cheeseburger” and serves it with sea salt fries.

The Ploughman features a country pork terrine and brie from the legendary Dutchman of Upper Economy, Nova Scotia.  There’s ‘wintered’ parsnip soup, an often under appreciated vegetable and one of the sweetest in the spring. And there’s seafood!  Haddock tacos or buttermilk calamari with ‘red dragon sauce’ and bowls of mussels sparked with spicy chorizo and red pepper cream. Kale Caesar! salad (pictured at right) used Ted Hutton’s baby kale, double smoked bacon, Old Growler gouda and  lots of garlic. Every week there’s a ‘pie’… sometimes fish, sometimes meat, all made from traditional old Nova Scotian recipes.  All the desserts are made in the Chives Canadian Bistro bake shop…just, well, two doors down.

Sign at Two Doors DownTwo Doors Down
1533 Barrington Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3R 0A6

T: 902- 422-4224


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