Truck-Side, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Truck Side B.C. totem poleWhen it opened last spring, Truck-Side became Canada’s first indoor food truck – food court. It is also a very real destination!  The creation of the over-active mind of Chef/Restaurateur Bill Pratt – also of Habeneros and Cheese Curds – Truck-Side is a virtual trip across Canada.  This place would do Disney World proud with it’s 3D sculptures, murals of Canadian landscapes all over arched and tied together, coast to coast, by a physical rendition of the Lions Gate (Vancouver) and Angus L. MacDonald (Halifax) bridges.  A model of a Sea King helicopter graces the Halifax harbour while a large replica of a west coast totem pole imposes its lordly presence in British Columbia.   The murals are quite fantastic.  Truck-Side Halifax

The fish and chip truck, U Pick Fish, where you can choose your own fish/batter/cooking method is in the Maritimes.  Gweilo, the Asian noodle bar, is in Montreal’s Chinatown while the Italian pasta bar, lil Eatily is in Toronto’s Little Italy…all virtually of course.

Truck Side PrairiesOther than dreaming up and executing the most creative quick service restaurants anywhere in Canada, one after another, Chef Pratt understands the nuances of creating utterly delicious foods. His is a real lesson in honest cooking, dreaming up new recipes and creating their foods from the most basic ingredients.

For their herbes de Provence, they dry the fresh herbs; for the burgers they make the patties and the relishes. The fish come in whole then the cooks butcher it. The vegetables come in fresh and are prepped when they’re needed, not purchased in freezer packs from the other side of the earth.

Mega Crunch Haddock

600 Windmill Road,
Dartmouth, NS. B3B 1B5

(902) 446-4400

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