The COUP – Ethical Vegetarian, Calgary

If there is one massive success story that frames the local food movement in every region of Canada, it’s how the chefs who’ve subscribed to it have helped producers build capacity.  If we build it, they will come; and it has taken decades of incredible tenacity. Ingredients that we now view as commonplace…hemp hearts, heritage grains, Canadian-grown chickpeas, local tofu, camelina and cold-pressed canola oils… all sprang from this marvellous interaction between potential consumer and potential grower. 

The COUP is taking it to another level and it’s very exciting!  It bills itself as “ethical vegetarian” and has links to pages of Albertan and west coast suppliers.

“Our products have been selected based on deep ecological ethics, allowing for a large percentage of our ingredients to be organic, local & made from scratch.  Along with our cheeses being rennet-free, all of our soy products & grains are GMO-free. We recycle all that can be and only use paper products that are post-consumer recycled (including this menu).  Our receipt paper is BPA & phenol free (using vitamin c for transfer).  In order to off-set our waste, we plant 36 trees a month through Tree-Canada.  We use compost in our garden & have bee hives near by, which end up producing some of the amazing vegetables on your plate. Our products arrive with minimal packaging & we run on 100% wind-power off-set. To give back to our community we donate a percentage of our income and have partnered with Meal Share.  This means that every menu item with the Meal Share logo beside it, a meal is provided for someone in are able to bring in your own container, please mention this to one of the lovely servers on the phone when ordering to receive your take out at a 5% discount.This includes take out cups for any beverage.Though we do use compostable cups and straws made from potato, this still takes energy to compost.  Every little bit to reduce our waste assists.”


Chef Adam Ryan mirrors the experience of many Canadian chefs who grew up in rural regions of our country.  Surrounded by the rich farmland in SW Ontario, he literally the raw materials upon which he would build his skills and, ultimately, his reputation as a top-notch chef. “ After all, why would I use foreign ingredients when there are people all around me growing fantastic produce in my own backyard.”

And at The Coup, in a new province with different growing seasons, he’s doing it.  He is currently launching a vegetable-forward tasting menu at the Coup called Le Petit Coup in which everything is Canadian and seasonally-focused.

Contact The Coup at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez The Coup directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

T: 403.541.1041

The Coup
924 17th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, Canada

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