Quaaout Lodge and Talking Rock Golf, Chase, British Columbia

In a land of pictographs and ancient traditions, Quaaout Lodge is sharing the time honoured tradition of hospitality.  “With a good heart, we welcome you to our territory.”

Elder and former Chief, William Arnouse, named the lodge “Quaaout” which means “when the sun’s rays first hit the water” in his language, Secwepemctisin.  The Little Shuswap Lake Band is proud of their culture and generously share it whether it’s food or the spiritual experience of felling of a sacred 200 year old tree to its eventual carving into a canoe by 1000 Hands.

in 1979, Band members conceived the idea of a hotel that would spur economic development and be sustainable…after all, they live in one of the most pristine regions of British Columbia. Their goal was to offer employment and long term security for their members and have the lodge with all its attendant activities become a way of sharing their traditions with the traveling public.  It was also a way of keeping those customs alive in the “Land of the Great Spirit….With all that we have to offer, we invite you to visit as a guest and leave as a friend. All that we ask is that you treat the land and the people with respect. This is our home for the short time that we are here on Mother Earth, but it is the home of the great spirit for eternity. ”

Chef Chris Whittaker, a veteran chef of Food Day Canada, has always been in tune with the gifts that wild nature provides.  He moved to the Shuswap Lake region to get closer to his food sources.  His last restaurant, Forage, was in downtown Vancouver. For him, Quaaout is a bit like heaven on earth…ingredients range from wild game to foraged vegetables and berries.  Then, with his personal skill sets, he kicks them up many notches.  He house ferments and pickles…the Spotted Moose greens are strewn with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds, the wild game burger is a combination of elk, bison and venison with a house made sumac mustard on the side.  This is a glorious blend of indigenous ingredients and modernity and genuine hospitality.

Contact Quaaout Lodge at the number below to reserve a Food Day Canada table.

Contactez Quaaout Lodge directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

Quaaout Lodge & Talking Rock Golf,
1663 Little Shuswap Lake Road
V0E 1M2 Chase, British Columbia

1- 800-663-4303


Photo Credits: Stacey Krolow

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