We are so pleased to share these restaurants who have committed to sourcing and profiling Canadian ingredients.

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Featured Restaurants

360 The Restaurant at the CN Tower, Toronto

Their tagline is “Canadian Ingredients ~~ Canadian Wine ~~ Canadian View”  The unspoken one…at least publicly is “we don’t buy things in, we make things here.”    Since John Morris took over as the Executive Chef, the dining experience at 360 has become even more stridently Canadian.  He hails from the renowned National Arts Centre in […]

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Abruzzi, London, Ontario

Chef/Owner Dave Lamers is inspired by the flavours of the Italian countryside but his real passion springs from growing up on a farm, collecting the freshest eggs and helping in the garden here in Canada. Now a veteran of Food Day, we first met when he was a newly-graduated young cook on Prince Edward Island […]

Absinthe Café, Ottawa

Chef Patrick Garland’s steak frites have been dubbed as one of the city’s 101 must-try-before-you-die ‘tastes’ by Ottawa magazine. I’d say that it’s not just the steak that’s important in this busy, with-it restaurant. Garland has a menu filled with lots of other great Canadian flavours including an array of house-made charcuterie. The menu changes […]

Arrell Food Institute

Building on more than 150 years of tradition, The Arrell Food Institute at the University of Guelph connects food research and expertise across all fields of study with Canadian and global partners to support sustainability, economic growth, and security in the food supply chain from fork to field. The history of the University of Guelph is […]

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Atelier, Ottawa

This small, very intimate restaurant doesn’t even have a sign. And why should they? Anyone who’s heard of Atelier knows that their food speaks for itself. Chef Marc Lepine opened Atelier in 2008 after being named Ottawa Chef of the Year not once but twice by the Canadian Culinary Federation. In February 2016 he was […]

Bar Buca, Toronto

Bar Buca was designed after many research trips to Italy by Buca Executive Chef Rob Gentile and his team, in an attempt to discover the foods that are served, not in the touristy joints, but to Italians themselves in casual eateries, those special places that speak to both the heritage and ingredients of the region […]

Bauer Kitchen, Waterloo, Ontario

Fine restaurants were few and far between in the early days of Kitchener Waterloo dining.  If you wanted to celebrate or for a tremendous meal, you’d head to the Charcoal Steak House. The venerable steak house as grown into a full-fledged restaurant group with veteran Food Day Canada chef Todd Clarmo now overseeing the food […]

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Bolete, St. Catharines, Ontario

Chef Andrew McLeod opened the long-awaited Bolete in 2016 to a great deal of local fanfare.  Over the years his following has grown exponentially and now, behind the bar at the light-filled open concept kitchen, they can watch him hone his culinary craft.  The day we were there, he’d just returned home from the Prince […]

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Boreal Berry Farm Winery, Saint Charles, Ontario

Boreal Berry Farm Winery is a natural, biodynamic fruit farm and winery in Northern Ontario and Canada’s coldest climate winery. They are also the only winery in Northern Ontario, and the oldest and largest haskap (honeyberry) orchard in Eastern North America, producing haskap, cherries, Saskatoons, aronia, sea buckthorn and lingonberries/partidgeberries. Offering orchard tours, winery tours, […]

Borealis Grille & Bar, Guelph, Ontario

Bringing local home! Borealis Grille and Bar is a restaurant making a difference and setting a new standard for Ontario, and possibly Canada. The Desautel family just get it.  Bob Desautel’s wee granddaughter, Ava, holds a sign at the left that sums up their entire raison d’etre. Not only is the interior built from local […]

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Borealis Grille & Bar, Kitchener, Ontario

It may be the Flying Monkey Hoptical Illusion…or one of the other 18 beers/ales on tap at the new Kitchener location of Borealis.  Or it may be the Barrie Brothers asparagus-corn chips with house made salsa or my absolute Borealis favourite, their BBQ’d pulled pork sandwich. But after only a week of unlocking the doors […]

Bruce Wine Bar & Kitchen, Thornbury, Ontario

Thornbury, a lovely small town on the edge of Georgian Bay, bordered by some of the finest apple orchards in Canada and near an array of busy ski hills, is the home of  Bruce Wine Bar. A few blocks away from the busy marina, it’s also a fabulous destination for summer boaters.  The region is simply […]