Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, Nimmo Bay, British Columbia

” E2 = MC Expectations Exceeded = Memories Created.  The Murray family’s and tourism’s new, Theory of Hospitality. ” 

In 1980 the Murray family floated a lodge into from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island to one of the most idyllic locations on the coast of British Columbia stationing it and themselves at the foot of the 5000 foot waterfall for a very practical reason pouring down from Mt. Stephens. They needed a source of hydroelectricity. They installed a Pelton water wheel and the first lights turned on in 1981.

Founder Craig Murray wrote, “When we started helicopter sports we realize that we did not want to kill fish, we wanted to catch them. We realized very soon that to continue fishing this way we would have to have a catch and release policy.”

The lodge is dwarfed by it’s an circling peaks. Guests are whisked up into the mountains to special drop points to fish. These drop points are actually given phoney names to prevent overfishing. If the bite isn’t on in one area the pilot gathers the anglers and flies into the next spot more actual fishing is done in two days than most people do in a month.”

Over the ensuing decades Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort, in what is now known at The Great Bear Rainforest, has leapt onto the world stage for the family’s commitment both to the environment and providing guests with an extraordinary experience. With 50,000 mi.² of coastal and mountain wilderness, going where no one has gone before and discovering rivers filled with beautiful wild salmon, trout, and steelhead being at Nimmo Bay is an experience of a lifetime. It has become a renowned destination a host of activities… whale watching, heli- hiking, beachcombing, kayaking even glacier hiking and one of the finest west coast dining experiences possible.They are blessed with the sweetest, purest drinking water anyone can find on this planet.  It comes from the snowfields of the mountain and is filtered through mountains of BC granite, ending up flowing into Nimmo Bay.Chef David Hassell and sous-chef Tim Larsen are surrounded by the freshest seafood anywhere in Canada. They depend upon the local ingredients of the Broughton Archipelago, wild Pacific salmon, halibut, spot prawns, Dungeness crab, albacore tuna and a plethora of wild plants. Everything has its season and meals reflect the next chapter in this region’s life cycle. They will serve the shoots of indigenous plants in the spring before returning to these same plants for flowers, berries, leaves, and roots as the year progresses.

And all the while that old Pelton wheel still works well and provides power for 9 months of the year.

To read about Nimmo Bay’s 2019 menu, go here! 

Nimmo Bay
PO BOX 696
1978 Broughton Blvd
Port McNeill, BC, Canada
V0N 2R0

T: North America 1-800-837.4354  International 1.250.956.4000


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