Growlers Ice Cream Shop, Joe Batt’s Arm, Newfoundland

Growlers is pure Newfoundland.  Hyper-seasonal in nature, its staff, who are all local women, make some of the most innovative ice creams anywhere. They are sensational! Using the islands rich supply of berries, the signature recipes were originally imagined by St. John’s Chef Michelle Leblanc in collaboration with a local team well-versed in the natural assets of Fogo Island.  Now the team from Scoff Restaurant are overseeing this delicious destination. 

The array of flavours mirror the culinary possibilities that exist from partridgeberry jam tart and jam-jam cookie to a fabulous caramel.  The shop’s table tops are Growlers Ice Cream, Joe Batt's Arm, Canada recipes, canadian food, canada cuisineemblazoned with the berries of the island…a precursor to the various seasonal treats.  The ice cream is a delicious window into the favoured flavours of this remote Island place. 

Growlers takes its name from the large pieces of ice that calve off the larger icebergs as they travel by the community on their way south from the Arctic.  Bergy bits (smaller than growlers) are a saleable commodity on Fogo Island and, when added to drinks, pop and fizz as the gases are released from the pressure of being under the ice for so many millennia.

The cozy shop includes lots of seating for patrons to sit and take in the coastal view speckled with traditional fishing stages.  There’s even a back picnic deck. Or, take your ice cream “to go” with convenient takeaway options which include another 2018 addition: Newfoundland’s Bonavista Coffee.

canada food, canadian cuisine, canada recipes, growlers newfoundland, fogo islandGrowler’s Ice Cream,
Joe Batt’s Arm, Newfoundland A0G 2X0
T: 709-266-7982


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