CHARCUT Roast House, Calgary

John and Connie LDAt CHARCUT, Calgary’s very meaty, very hot spot, there is no getting away from it –being a carnivore rules. It’s absolutely local, chef-driven cuisine.  Chef/Owners John Jackson and Connie DeSousa have had their rotisserie and char-broiler custom built and if kitchen gear can be magnificent, theirs is! They have a vintage-style slicer and a hand-crafted, charcuterie eating bar.

Their food is is edgy and absolutely delicious. Pigs head mortadella is spiked with pistachios and truffles. Shaved lamb ham has been cured and ‘slowly aged’ before being topped with grated Gruyere. Crispy chicken skin makes it to the menu in a salad with buttermilk dressing. A heart-stopping version of poutine is smothered inCanada food, Canadian cuisine, charcuterie, canadian recipe, charcut calgary, traditional canadian food truffle gravy. Mains are char-boiled and wood-smoked. Butchering is done on site and hung till tender and perfect. The mixologist is one of the best in the city, handcrafting cocktails with organic juices and premium, small-lot spirits.

And they have a BEER cellar where special beers are  aged before serving. Attention to flavour, locale and detail continues to dessert…Saskatoon berries are layered with cheesecake in a small Mason jar. Cookie crunch gelato is served in sea salt sugar cones and if you crave chocolate, the cookies are still warm when they’re served along side, what else, a tiny mint/vanilla milkshake. MMMmmmm….

In 2010 they decided to cook outside for Food Day Canada.  They named it “Fast Slow Food” and grilled from noon till dusk on 9th Avenue.  There was Spragg Farm’s Smoked Kielbasa Sausage with Fennel Kraut and Sylvan Star Gouda, an Okanagan Cucumber and Green Bean Salad with Pickled Pearl Onions & Vital Green’s Organic Yogurt Dill Dressing.  But the main event was all day Spit Roasted Spragg Farm’s whole Pig Porchetta with Alberta grown Brassica Mustard and Organic pink Turnips.   This helped influence them to create the wildly successful Alley Burger food truck, one of the first in western Canada.

In 2013, both Connie and John participated in Love Your Lentils Canada with a fabulous recipe for Lentil Scones with Country Ham & Cheese Curds.(below left)

To reserve a Food Day Canada table, contact CHARCUT at the number below.

Contactez CHARCUT Roast House directement, au numéro ci-dessous, afin de faire votre Journée des terroirs réservation.

Canadian food, charcut roast house, charcuterie, canada recipe, CHARCUT Roast House (in Hotel Le Germain)
101, 899 Centre Street SW.
Calgary, Alberta T2G 1B8
T: 403 984 2180

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