Chez Edgar, Gatineau, Québec

Chez Edgar Marysol L_DChez Edgar is a tiny (13 seats), comfortable restaurant that prides itself in the most local ingredients.  Chef Marysol Foucault harvests vegetables, herbs, greens and, of course strawberries, from her room top garden all summer long.

Chez Edgar Aubergines L_DLike all Food Day Canada chefs, she has a defined philosophy.  She writes:”Passion for local is easy, it simply tastes better. I am a firm believer of ‘rustic foods’, uneven, full of dirt, very often imperfect, but people need to see the beauty, they need to wake up and learn that this is the real deal, not the cookie-cutter perfect veg  that we get at the grocery store. And our reality, in this colder climate/province, should force us to be more creative and to use what we have with pride. I love using parsnip in cakes in winter, I find clever ways to use turnips and make people love it, potatoes and squash need not be boring either – you just have to challenge yourself and see beyond. My favorite phrases in a kitchen are ‘what if?’ and ‘what more’.”

Chez Edgar eggs L_DI’ve was lucky enough to cook in restaurants that had beautiful gardens, and it shaped the way I work. Each day different challenges, you only know the morning of what the garden will yield enough of. You worry about weather and watering. But it is simply glorious for me to go up on the roof of Edgar, just as the sun rises, and walk around, pick what is just ready, to decide on some menu items right then and there… Not every customer understands a daily changing menu, but ours do.”
On her web column, Mange-moi, she writes about her current favourite ingredients.  One week she may be big on kohlrabi (made into chips with a dipping sauce, on the left or with apples in a tangy salad, on the right), another on tomatillos.
Chez Edgar has a become well known for its weekend brunches and because it’s on the way home for so many people who work in Ottawa, Marysol has created a special line of take out meals and stays open until 6:30 PM on weekdays especially for that commuter traffic.

Chez Edgar Kohlrabi SaladChez Edgar KohlrabiChez Edgar is one of about 250 restaurants that celebrate Food Day across Canada. 

Chez Edgar est l’un des 250 restaurants à travers tout le Canada qui participent au Journée des terroirs. 

Chez Edgar
60, rue Bégin
Gatineau, Qc.
J9A 1C8


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